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Blath na Mara Seaweed was set up by Máirtín O'Conceanainn in 2002. It is based on Inis Mór which is the largest of the Aran Islands in Co. Galway, Ireland. Máirtín was born on Inis  Mór and has lived there most of his life with his family.  Máirtín has an in depth knowledge and passion for harvesting and processing seaweed. He has spent much time perfecting the machinery which enables him to uniquely mill the seaweed to a fine powder, giving Blath na Mara a high quality and unique seaweed product. Milled seaweed offers an easy way to start using seaweed in everyday cooking, by just adding a sprinkle in almost any meal. Blath na Mara has grown from strength to strength due to the increase in demand for quality hand harvested organic seaweed both here in Ireland and internationally.

The seaweed is harvested in a sustainable way in order to minimise any affect on the environment. This is achieved by harvesting the macro algae sparingly and in rotation from any one site. The marine macroalgal flora of the Aran Islands, is rich and diverse. Clear clean Atlantic waters continuously bathe the shores of the islands providing an ideal environment for these macro algae, commonly called seaweed or in Gaelic - "feamainn". Seaweeds grow profusely on the long gently sloping limestone platforms of the north facing inlets of Inis  Mór. They have been utilised by the islanders for a very long time and can be used in a variety of ways. Further information on West of Ireland macroalgae and their uses can be found at